Daniel Letch

Daniel Letch

Senior Project Manager

Daniel has over 15 years’ experience in the renewable energy industry, during which he has developed a wide range of commercial, development, technical, engineering and construction experience.

In project development, he has been involved in the screening and site selection of hundreds of potential sites. He has led the development of single and multiple wind turbine projects in rural, brownfield and industrial locations from site acquisition to project consent.

He is experienced in readying projects for finance and running tenders for procurement of turbine and balance of plant contracts. He has taken the lead role on construction management and undertaken construction monitoring of over 200MW of wind projects.

Daniel has also led on the technical and commercial due diligence of over 2GW of wind farm transactions across the UK, Europe and North America – with project sizes ranging from 5 – 165 MW and has involved bringing together international teams of technical and legal advisors.

For operational projects, Daniel’s experience is equally extensive. He has instigated and designed a management consultancy process for overseeing and auditing the operations management of a portfolio of over 20 multi-MW wind projects, totalling almost 500MW across the UK, Europe and North America.

In the UK, Daniel is also currently operating a portfolio of 21 wind projects, liaising with maintenance technicians, landowners, DNOs and regular reporting to the portfolio owner.

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