We have a culture of building long term relationships

We believe that relationships based on trust and professionalism bring long term business benefits far greater than short term profit. We work closely with a range of specialist partners we know well, who bring complementary skills when required, meaning our capabilities can stretch far beyond those of our internationally experienced core team.

Smart Energy Alliance

The energy transition away from historically dominant fossil fuels to low or zero carbon energy is a challenge for the world. It will affect governments, industry players, companies large and small, communities and ultimately every individual.

The Smart Energy Alliance is a collaboration between PEP, HyEnergy and Next Energy Corporation to work together to pool the collective know-how and global networks of the individual partners to help accelerate this transition.

Working together we will:
  • Pool our know-how and global networks, to be available to clients and partners
  • Bring international best-practice to all projects
  • Integrate low carbon energy into road, rail, and marine transport, and heat, as well as electricity
  • Help co-develop renewable energy projects, particularly for hydrogen production
  • Introduce local partners to international R&D opportunities
  • Create advanced energy storage and energy management systems
  • Work in partnership with companies, governments and communities to manage their energy transition
  • Help introduce and commercialise new low carbon technologies and systems
  • Bring smart finance to the decarbonisation process
  • Encourage international collaboration to accelerate the energy transition
  • Continue to act with our common culture of care, integrity and long term mutual benefit.

The Partners

The three partners all have decades of experience across renewable energy, hydrogen, and wider energy sector respectively and are therefore well equipped to assist each other, especially given each’s unique geographical knowledge.