Graeme Fairbairn

Graeme Fairbairn

Technical Director

Graeme is a vastly experienced and respected power industry specialist and has a background of senior positions in Rolls Royce and British Gas.  He has a PhD (Research into three-dimensional fluid flows) and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering.  He is a Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the Institute of Gas Engineers & Managers and is a Chartered Engineer.

He was Vice President, Europe, for Rolls Royce Power Ventures Ltd. for over five years, leading business development in small scale independent power projects, principally using gas.  He led a team of up to 20 development managers and specialists, and was responsible for technical, legal, commercial and financial aspects of power projects.

For 14 years he was in a number of roles in British Gas plc, notably as the manager responsible for a Liquid Natural Gas peak storage facility, and then as a founder member of a division formed to establish gas fired projects.

He has a strong interest in the use of Biomethane and Hydrogen as vectors to reduce overall carbon emissions and was an attendee of the UK government’s initial Carbon Capture & Storage working group.

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