James Davison

James Davison

Senior Project Manager

James is an experienced low carbon energy professional with more than 10 years in the sector. He has an MEng in Renewable Energy from the University of Exeter and extensive commercial and technical experience gained throughout the project lifecycle, as well as from investment advice activities in his FCA authorised role.

His experience includes technical and regulatory reviews of hundreds of potential projects internationally, plus construction management and monitoring of projects from UK FiT sites to multi-MW international projects. He possesses strong management skills and is jointly responsible for the operations management of over £50 million of low carbon energy projects.

He has conducted technical and commercial due diligence on several GWs of low carbon assets throughout Europe and North America and has undertaken technology reviews of new and emerging energy systems, including detailed reviews of numerous Biomass Gasification technology providers and several novel Wave and Tidal energy devices.

In addition, he has instigated and won funding for a research programme into the technical and commercial aspects of gas production from Biomass through the European Regional Development Fund and is currently leading on the grant funding initiative for two innovative Hydrogen demonstrator projects.

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